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Solvent Dyes

Solvent Dyes

Product Details:


Solvent Dyes Price And Quantity

  • 250 Kilograms

Solvent Dyes Trade Information

  • 100000 Kilograms Per Month
  • 3 Days

Product Description

Driven with perfection, we are engaged in trading and supplying a wide stock of Solvent Dyes. Known for their soluble nature in non-polar medium, these allow versatility and many uses. Extensively used for foil printing, printing inks, marking pens, ball point pens, these are procured from our vendors in compliance with predefined industry standards under the supervision of professionals. Checked on various stringent parameters at our modern unit, these Solvent Dyes can be availed in varied packaging options.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly soluble
  • Long shelf life

What do you understand by Solvent Dyes?

Solvent dyes have good solubility in the organic solvents, wherein they are used as solution. These dyes are used for coloring non-polar materials that are based on hydrocarbons. Some of these materials are hydrocarbon fuels, lubricants, organic solvents, plastics and waxes. Depending on various requirements, solvent dyes can be used as fuel dyes that are completely water insoluble. Further, its molecules are not prone to ionization since their polarity is zero or very less. There are some genetic solvents such as Solvent Red 26, Solvent Red 164, Solvent Blue 35, etc. In this category, Azo Dyes and anthraquinone dyes are also available, with the former one being red & yellow in color, whereas later one in of blue & green color.

Applications of Solvent Dyes

Wood Stains

Wax & Candles




Pyrotechnics Industry

Printing Inks


Plastic Industry

Petrol & Fuel Oils

Marking Pens

Leathers: Spray finishing of dyed & undyed leather

Industrial Cutting and Automotive Industry

Foil Printing


Candles and other Waxes

Ball Point Pens

Acrylic Resins

Uses of Solvent Dyes

These dyes are "soluble in non-polar mediums" and hence are considered as a versatile dye having multifarious uses. Their general use is in pyrotechnics industry and are also used to signal smoke. In the industries of industrial cutting and automotive, these dyes are used for coloring the lubricants. In addition to this, plastic industry has maximum use of solvent dyes. Herein, these are used for imparting colors on various solid material like acetates, acrylics, nylon, PETP, PMMA, polyester, polystyrene, PVC and styrene monomers.

Other Uses

Most number of solvent dyes find use in the domain of 'biological stain manufacture' wherein these are used as component for creating stains which identify a series of cell structure. This is an important part of scientific research and medical diagnostics. Apart from this, other uses of solvent dyes are:

Printing Inks

  • As brightening and shading agents
  • For achieving double tone effects
  • For ball point pens
  • For inks used in rubber stereo and rotogravure printing
  • For typewriter ribbons and coating copying paper
  • For Coloration of Molding powders and construction material of U/F, PVC, polystyrene, polymethacrylates, P/F, cellulose acetate, and celluloid

C.I. No. C.A.S. No. Trade Name
Solvent Yellow 2   11020 60-11-7 Oil Yellow AM
Solvent Yellow 14   12055 842-07-9 Oil Orange ES
Solvent Yellow 33   47000 8003-22-3 Oil Lemon Yellow
Solvent Yellow 56   11021 2481-94-9 Oil Yellow DE
Solvent Yellow 72   0 61813-98-7 Oil Yellow OAP
Solvent Red 23   26100 85-86-9 Oil Scarlet Y
Solvent Red 24   26105 85-83-6 Oil Red R
Solvent Red 207   61701 0 0
Solvent Orange 2   12100 0 Oil Orange
Solvent Orange 7   12140 0 Oil Orange DXN
Solvent Blue 4   44045:1 0 Victiria Blue B Basea
Solvent Blue 35   61554 17354-14-2 Oil Blue M B A
Solvent Blue 36   61551 14233-37-5 Oil Blue MIP
Solvent Blue 38   0 0 0
Solvent Black 5   50415 C.I.Food Black 1 Nigrosine Spirirt Soluble
Solvent Black 7   50415B 0 Nigrosine Fat Soluble (Induline Base)
Solvent Green 3   61565 128-80-3 Quinizarine Green SS.
Solvent Green 7   0 0 0
Solvent Yellow 62   0 0 Yellow 2RLS
Solvent Yellow 82   0 0 Yellow R
Solvent Yellow 90   0 0 Yellow GL
Solvent Orange 54   0 0 Orange RE
Solvent Orange 58   0 0 Orange RL
Solvent Orange 62   0 0 Orange 2R
Solvent Orange 99   0 0 Orange R
Solvent Red 8   0 0 Red BB
Solvent Red 89   0 0 Fire Red GLS
Solvent Red 119   0 0 Fire Red
Solvent Red 122   0 0 Red B
Solvent Red 127   0 0 Pink 5BLG
Solvent Black 27   0 0 Black RE
Solvent Black 29   0 0 Black RL
Solvent Black 34   0 0 Black RBL
Solvent Blue 48   0 0 Blue 2 GLN


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