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Reactive Dyes

Dyes play an imperative part in dyeing operation, creating the reaction with the fiber. These dyes can be either water soluble or water insoluble. The most common type of dye is reactive dye which is done on natural fibers, like cotton. With the formation of co-valent bonding, the dye becomes part of the fabric and is less likely to be removed by washing. This dye can be classified into a number of dyes based on chemical constitution and application methods of temperature. This kind of dye is water soluble, anionic in nature, and is wash and light fast, has excellent substantivity. Using these many colors can be produced. Our company provides reactive cold, reactive 'He', reactive hot, reactive ME and reactive vinyl sulphone base dyes.

Key points:
  • While using this kind of dye, the dyers must keep in mind the pH of dyeing bath, temperature, time, concentration of electrolyte, and liquor ratio.
  • This permanent dye along with high fixation rate has high tinctorial value.
  • The reactive dye is both light and washing fast.
  • This is in huge demand specially in textile industry.
  • The customers have hundreds of color options to choose from.