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Food Color

In the making of confectionery, baked food products, beverages and other processed food stuff, colors are added. These color additives impart colors in the food. Without these, the candies wouldn't be colorful, cola wouldn't be brown or yellow wouldn't be mango. Without color additives, all processed food stuff won't attract many people. In cases of canned food, it wouldn't look fresh without color and most likely be rejected by many. Available in a number of colors, these safe to east color dyes or pigments spread uniformly and sticks to it untill it's consumption. These erythrosine, tartrazine, quinoline yellow, carmoisine, etc., food colors are developed to give food stuff natural color.

Key points:
  • During processing, food loses its natural color, therefore artificial colors are added.
  • Almost all food and beverages are given color to maintain its natural look and feel.
  • Consumers, especially children are attracted to food that is colorful. People are used to see colors in food and can connect the flavor with color, for instance, strawberry ice cream must be pink, chocolate must be brown.
  • Apart from commercial kitchens, food colors are also used in domestic kitchens.